5 thoughts on “Compare the installation og ESXi and HyperV

  1. ioan corcodel

    Nice comparison, but unfair.

    A faire one should be : Microsoft Hyper-V Server 2008 vs. ESXi

  2. Saleem Ullah Khan

    I m supporting .. its REALISTIC ..

    I just installed ESXi .. and it took me less than 10 mints .. on a HP G5 server with 700GB capacity .. and 16GB ram .. just around 8 – 9 Mints and i had configured within 15 mints … SO ESXi ROX

  3. A. Mikkelsen Post author

    But can you install a Hyper-V server from scratch in the time it takes to install an VMware ESXi ??
    Then I’ll like to see it.

    A. Mikkelsen

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