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Upgrading Windows 2008 from virtual HW 4 to 7 may cause problems

Just found this very interesting article describing a problem with Windows 2008 and ESX 4 virtual hardware version 7. In short the article states that you might have the disks go offline in a Windows 2008 VM if you Upgrade virtual hardware from version 4 to 7 Installing a new VM with virtual hardware… Read More »

32-bit ODBC DSN required for vSphere running on 64-bit OS and MSSQL

Last week I upgraded a Virtual Center server from Win2003 & MSSQL 2000 (32-bit) to Win2008 & MSSQL 2005 (64-bit). During the installation of vCenter it asked for a 32-bit ODBC even though all the new systems was running 64-bit. After a some time on Google i found that Windows 64-bit also includes a 32-bit… Read More »

Problems with WSUS. Fails or Not Working

Today my WSUS stopped working, every time i tried to install a new update it failed. I googled a bit and found a few guides to get it working. I have had the best luck with Method 2. Here is what you need to do: Method 1: Open a command prompt. (If you don’t know… Read More »

Service Unavailable – On a Windows 2003 SP1 server.

Today, after installing a VM with Windows 2003 ee, SP1 and IIS, I got ‘Service Unavailable’ when i tried to see it the webserver worked as planned. After quite a bit of googleing, I found a working solution. In Start -> Run type “dcomcnfg” Right Click “IIS Admin Service” under Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer… Read More »