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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

VIPerlToolkit Scripts

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Below you will find some of the VIPerlToolkit scripts that I have created in the past.
Some is intended to dynamically add information to Virtual Center and some is intended to print the information on screen.

Adds additional information to Virtual Center:

(Adds information about Snapshot, Network, VMX path, VMDK size, VMDK freespace, VMDK path to Virtual Center)

Print information on screen:

(Prints a list of all VMs and the size of each attached VMDK file in GB)
(Prints a list of all VMs and the total size of all attached VMDK files in GB)
(Prints a list of all VMs and for each attached VMDK file show disk number, size in MB and unused diskspace in MB)
(Requires VMware Tools to be running)
(Prints a list of all VMs that have Snapshots)

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