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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smart and simple VCB backup script for ESX & ESXi

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A fellow member in the Danish Usergroup has created a very simple backup script for ESX and ESXi using PowerShell and VCB.


I like that it’s small and simple.
Keep up the good work….

Friday, April 11, 2008

Undocumented VCB config.js feature

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Duncan over at YellowBricks.com found a undocumented fearure in the VCB config.js file

One of my customers wanted to use the default VCB framework but did not want to quiesce the VM for several reasons. (Databases, Active Directory etc.) I could not find an option in the config.js file but noticed the following in the file glue.js:

// A fallback to be able to switch to non-quiesced snapshots
if (typeof(NO_QUIESCE) != "undefined") {
cmd +="-Q 0 ";

In other words, setting the option “NO_QUIESCE” with no value in config.js results in the VM not being quiesced, default it will quiesce the VM! I added the following line to the  config.js file to accomplish this:


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