My test environment

I used to have a physical ESX server running ESX or ESXi (from USB) but due to the problems of running DRS, HA and VMotion with only one ESX server I switched to a full blown virtual environment.

A Quad Core i7 with 6 GB of ram running Windows 7.

If you are wondering of why I installed Windows 7 instead of ESX, the answer is quite simple.
I’m running all my ESX 4.x servers, vCenter server, EDA and Openfiler inside VMware Workstation 7 beta.
Yes, thats right. Workstation 7 runs ESX out of the box. And I’m even able to run VM inside my ESX 4.x hosts.

So my setup looks like this:

  • A EDA appliance (as ow writing version 0.90)
  • A vCenter server running on Windows 2008 and MSSQL2005
  • Two ESX 4.x hosts (2vCPU and 2 GB ram)
    Deployed through the EDA appliance. Easy as hell to setup.
  • A Openfiler appliance for iSCSI shared storage

Nothing fancy, but it works and is simple.

2 thoughts on “My test environment

  1. chris

    Awesome stuff man! Your blog has helped me so much as I’m in the process of learning powershell to make my virtualization management a whole lot easier for me.


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