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Playing with the vRanger 4.5 vAPI (Powershell :-))

By | June 22, 2010

Since Vizioncore came out with vRanger 4.x, last year, I been working on porting the VBS script “vRanger Script version 2.0” to Powershell. During this time I have found several bugs/missing functionality in the vAPI. Vizioncore have corrected the bugs with new releases of vRanger. The first vRanger version where all vAPI cmdlets worked in… Read More »

Smart and simple backup script with PowerCLI

By | May 24, 2010

A friend on the Danish VMUG pointed me towards this simple backup script, from The script creates a snapshot of a VM (from a CSV file) and creates a Thin Provisioned clone based on the snapshot, on a specified datastore (from the CSV file). This a smart and simple way to create a… Read More »

Lost permissions to a folder in VC

By | December 5, 2008

Yesterday I by mistake added the VirtualCenter servers local Users group to a folder in VC with ReadOnly permissions. This resulted in that I couldn’t delete or change any permissions on the folder. To solve the problem do the following (On a MSSQL2000 – should be almost the same on MSSQL2005): Open the SQL Server… Read More »

Recreating a missing VMDK descripter file

By | December 1, 2008

A few weeks ago we were conducting a vRanger DR test of a VM (new host and new LUN). The VM was restored succesfull, but when we powered it on we discovered that it for some unexplaned reason had lost the SCSI0:1 (100GB) and SCSI0:2(300GB) VMDK’s. It had created two new 20GB VMDK’s instead. We… Read More »

First VMbook published

By | August 21, 2008

“This first VMware® VMbook focuses on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) and is intended to guide the reader through the step-by-step process to set-up a multisite VMware Infrastructure that is capable of supporting BCDR services. The VMbook will provide very valuable insight into the considerations and design principles for a multisite virtual infrastructure data… Read More »