Over the past 2 weeks i have been playing around with the VIperlToolkit and discovered hwo easy and powerfull it is. Some of the scripts i have created is avaiable for download in the Download section of this site.

I first came accross the VIPerlToolkit about 8 months ago when looking through www.run-virtual.com.
I got inspired by Richards script that created and updated custom fields in Virtual Center, and i decided to add some more information to my Virtual Center.

Below is a screenshot of my Virtual Center witch is running version 1.1 of vcinfo.pl

The script automatically updates the following information in Virtual Center:

  • All virtual networks attached
  • List if VM has snapshots
  • The path and name of the VMX file
  • The size of each attached VMDK file
  • The path and name of each VMDK file
  • The freespace in each VMDK file
    (Requires VMwareTools to be running)

To run the script you need to install ViPerlToolkit and Perl on your VirtualCenter server (Howto from www.run-virtual.com).
Or run tit in the VMware ViPerlToolkit Appliance (Download it from www.vmware.com).

This will not be my last script 😉

A. Mikkelsen