Sudden error – kernel Panic…..

By | Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Right after lunch today I had a host (3.5 U3) crach with a kernel panic.

It shouldn’t be a problem for clusters running HA, but on this cluster I had disabled HA bacause of an error and hadn’t had the time to depug :-(.
So my VM’s couldn’t be started on a new host and I’m not going to manually register 116 VM’s on another host – so I was forced to find a soultion.

I did a bit of googleing and found VMware KB10196.
I followed the steps and everything is now working – AND HA IS ENABLED 🙂

This is the steps i followed:

  1. Reboot the host into “VMware ESX servere (Debug mode)”
  2. Log in with a user with root permissions and run the following commands.
    esxcfg-boot -p (reloads the PCI data)
    esxcfg-boot -b (sets up boot information)
    esxcfg-boot -r (refreshes initrd)
  3. Now just reboot the host.

After the reboot the host should work as normal. From the VC Client you can verify that the host is connected to VC.

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