Monthly Archives: November 2009

Restarting management Agent on ESX 3.x

Restarting the Management agents on ESX Server 3.x Login to the ESX host using SSH (or from COS) Type service mgmt-vmware restart. CAUTION Before restarting the Management Agent make sure that Automatic Startup/Shutdown is Disabled For more info see Restarting hostd (mgmt-vmware) on ESX Server Hosts Restarts Hosted Virtual Machines Where Virtual Machine Startup/Shutdown is Enabled… Read More »

IBM/Lenovo Bios update/Embedded Controller with dead/no battery

Below solution is on you own risk. Download the Bios/Embedded Controller from IBM/Lenovo (Diskette version) Rename the file UPDTFLSH.EXE to UPDTFLSH.EXE.OLD Create a copy of QKFLASH:EXE and rename it to UPDTFLSH.EXE Boot the labtop from the diskette Follow normal procedure for updating BIOS/Embedded Controller DON’T TURN OFF THE PC OR REMOVE POWER When the BIOS/Embedded… Read More »

Upgrading Windows 2008 from virtual HW 4 to 7 may cause problems

Just found this very interesting article describing a problem with Windows 2008 and ESX 4 virtual hardware version 7. In short the article states that you might have the disks go offline in a Windows 2008 VM if you Upgrade virtual hardware from version 4 to 7 Installing a new VM with virtual hardware… Read More »

Free virtualization fools

David Davis has put together a list of what he thinks is some of the best free virtualization tools avaiable. VMware vSphere ESXi Free Edition and VMware Go VMware vMA, vCLI (or command-line interface), PowerCLI, and scripts from the vGhetto script repository such as vSphereHealthCheck Veeam Monitor (free edition), FastSCP, and Business View Vizioncore Wastefinder,… Read More »

Project Onyx Alpha Release

Finally everyone outside the closed beta is now able to get hands on with the cool application Project Onyx. Thanks to Carter Shanklin Project overview – Got it from Onyx is a standalone application that serves as a proxy between the vSphere Client and the vCenter Server. It monitors the network communication between them… Read More »