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32-bit ODBC DSN required for vSphere running on 64-bit OS and MSSQL

Last week I upgraded a Virtual Center server from Win2003 & MSSQL 2000 (32-bit) to Win2008 & MSSQL 2005 (64-bit). During the installation of vCenter it asked for a 32-bit ODBC even though all the new systems was running 64-bit. After a some time on Google i found that Windows 64-bit also includes a 32-bit… Read More »

Partitioning you ESX host (vSphere)

Duncan Epping has released a great post on how to partition your ESX 4.0 (vSphere) using scripting and the grafical installer You cannot define the sizes of the /boot, vmkcore, and /vmfs partitions when you use the graphical or text installation modes. You can define these partition sizes when you do a scripted installation.… Read More »

Ever wondered it you ESX servers are hardened enough

Have you ever needed to document how secure your ESX servers are. If the answer is yes then take a look at these free fools (Compliance Checkers) from If the answer is no I would sugest you took a look at the tools anyway…… Compliance Checker for VMware ESX, checks the compliance of… Read More »

A must have for anyone using PowerShell to control VMware

VMware have released a demo on YouTube that shows a “must have” for PowerShell users who automate and manage vSphere and vCenter through PowerShell. The project is named “Onyx” and works like a middelware between the vCenter Client and the vCenter Server. Onyx is unfortunately still in a private beta and therefore not acceble to… Read More »

VCP vSphere (VCP410) practice exam

Simon Long has posted a great test exam for the VCP410 exam. I used it to study for mine. Also take a look at Somins study notes. Another great and very usefull help is to use and memorize the vReference Card. Thanks to VCP for the below study sites And not… Read More »

Passed VCP410

Yesterday I passed the VCP401 exam with 375 points. I feel that the exam was harder than the old exam (VCP310). Think VMware has realized this and dropped the target for VCI from 400 to 350 points.

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