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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

VMKUSAGE is back… Can you belive it…..

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VMware have included the old and trustworthy performance monitor VMKUSAGE in VC 2.5 U4.
This time the monotor has been added to VC as a plugin.

To get access to the new plugin you have to follow this knowledge base article.

If you like me upgraded your VC without stopping the Webaccess service first you have to follow this KB article before the plugin will work.

See more screenshots at www.run-virtual.com.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Powershell : List VMs with CD-ROM, Floppy, Seriel Ports and Parallel Ports

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Today I had to create a script that creates lists of VMs, for each of the below statements:

  • CD-ROM is ‘Connected’
  • CD-ROM set to ‘Connect at power on’
  • CD-ROM device type set to ‘Client Device’
  • CD-ROM device type set to ‘Datastore ISO file’
  • Floppy is ‘Connected’
  • Floppy set to ‘Connect at power on’
  • Floppy device type set to ‘Client Device’
  • Floppy device type set to ‘Use excisting floppy image in datastore’
  • Serial Ports attached
  • Parallel Ports attached

Get it here

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Microsoft is giving SharePoint Designer 2007 away for free

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Finally Microsoft is giving away it’s software for free.
They are starting with SharePoint Designer 2007 (formally Frontpage).
It’s a start and I’m hoping they will keep up the “good work” 🙂

Get it from Microsoft

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Error encountered trying to restore cpu state from file……

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Today a one of my customers encountered an error when trying to revert to an snapshot.
They recived the following error:
“error encountered trying to restore cpu state from file /vmfs/volumes/…./xxxxx.vmsn”

After a bit of googleing if came up with the problem.
The error occures when a VM with snapshots (taken when VM is PoweredOn) is migrated or moved to a host with another CPU stepping – and the VM is reverted to ine of theise snapshots.

To correct the problem you have to complete the following steps:

  • Revert to the snapshot you want to use.
  • Make sure the VM is powered off.
  • Edit the VM’s .vmx file and remove the line “checkpoint.vmstate”
  • Power on the VM
  • Delete the snapshot

If you still want a snapshot of the VM in it’s current state

  • Shutdown the VM
  • When its powered off create a new snapshot
  • Power on the VM again to start work with it

This solution has to be applied to all VM’s with snapshots taken while the VM was powered on.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Smart and simple VCB backup script for ESX & ESXi

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A fellow member in the Danish Usergroup has created a very simple backup script for ESX and ESXi using PowerShell and VCB.


I like that it’s small and simple.
Keep up the good work….

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