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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Today i changed the theme of the website

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I hope you like it.
I will in the near future change a few things.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Troubleshooting VMware snapshots

Eric Siebert has writen a very good and explaining guide on how to troubleshoot snapshots on ESX 3.x.

Virtualization administrators can use snapshots on VMware ESX to travel back in time and figure out what went wrong with their virtual machines (VMs). But what do you do when your snapshots start acting funny? In this tip, we’ll troubleshoot potential problems that may come up when using snapshots on ESX.

Read it here or read my local copy.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Trim your XP installation to a minimum with nLite

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Ever wanted a XP installation disc that only had the bare minimum of features and the smalest foot print?
The take a look at nLite and if you a a gamer also take a look at Game XP.

You can find a guide to both Freeware programs here.

Last week I created a new WinXP media including SP3 using nLite.
After installation of a new VM I discovered that the VM boots faster and that the foot print is alot smaller around 1.3 GB.

I will in future use nLite or vLite to trim all my WinXP, WIN2003 server and Vista installation medias with.
This will result in my DR of VM’s will take up less space.

I know disk storage isn’t expencive but I also move the DR to tape 😉

Tricks for getting a VM to boot from CD – bios.bootDelay

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Today i came accross a cool article about how to easy get your VM to boot from CD.
This only applies to ESX 3.0.x and not ESX 3.5.x, because in ESX 3.5.x you are able to use the VI Client to set this option and many more.

Read the full story here:

In summery:
add the following line anyware to your VM’s .vmx file.

bios.bootDelay = “boot delay in milliseconds”

Ex. Setting the boot delay to 15000 gives you 15 sec. to hit the F2.

Upgrading to ESX 3.5.x and VC 2.5.x – Read this guide

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Looking for a guide to upgrade your VMware ESX enviroment to ESX 3.5 and VC 2.5, then this guide from RTFM Education is a must read.


Free ESXi quick guide

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RTFM Education has released a quick guide for ESXi

Get it here

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