Monthly Archives: December 2007

New and updated scripts

I have updated the script so it also lists if a VM has snapshots. I have also created a new ViPerlToolkit script that lists all the VM’s that have snapshots and prints in on screen. All the ViPerlToolkit scripts can be found in the Download section under VIPerlToolkit Scripts. I’ll add more… Read More »


To edit the crontab type (it normally uses vi as editor) crontab -e To add a scheduled type 0 21 * * 1-7 perl /tmp/ To make sure the crontab is updated correctly restart it /etc/init.d/cron restart Explanation 0 Minutes (0-59) 21 Hour (0-23) * Day (1-31) * Month (1-12) 0-7 Weekday (0-7, Sunday =… Read More »

The power of VIPerlToolkit

Over the past 2 weeks i have been playing around with the VIperlToolkit and discovered hwo easy and powerfull it is. Some of the scripts i have created is avaiable for download in the Download section of this site. I first came accross the VIPerlToolkit about 8 months ago when looking through I got… Read More »