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Time keeping in ESX 2.x and 3.x

I was looking for articles about time keeping in VMware ESX and stumbled over this one. It was writen i 2005 but after reading it it still much apply today.

Adding a shared disk in Workstation 6.0

Edit and add the following to the VMX file : scsi1.present = “TRUE” scsi1.virtualDev = “lsilogic” scsi1.sharedBus = “virtual” disk.locking = “false” scsi1:0.present = “TRUE” scsi1:0.fileName = “Shared.vmdk” Notice that the SCSI target is 1:0 and not 0:1 After this you should be able share the disk between 2 VM’s.

Using vimsh

List information about a VM vimsh -n -e “vmsvc/getallvms” See a summary of the current host configuration vimsh -n -e “hostsvc/hostsummary” Enter maintence mode vimsh -n -e /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_enter Exit maintence mode vimsh -n -e /hostsvc/maintenance_mode_exit

Script to power off all VM’s

Here is at BASH script to power off all active VM’s on a host. #!/bin/bash IFS=’ ‘ for vm in `vmware-cmd -l` do         name=`vmware-cmd “$vm” getconfig displayname -q`         state=`vmware-cmd  “$vm” getstate -q`         if [ “$state” == “on” ]         then                 echo “Trying to power off $name….”                 output=`vmware-cmd “$vm” stop trysoft`… Read More »

Cool add-on to Virtual Center 2.x from

Someone informed me on this very usefull add-on for Virtual Center 2.x. VCplus           – Haven’t tried it myself yet, but i will during next week. I think that this add-on is a step in the right direction. Mayby VMware should implement this add-on in VC. Nice job Richard …. Keep it up…. A. Mikkelsen