Monthly Archives: May 2007

The Health Project has moved to …….

We have decided to move the Health Check project files to This is primary because we needed a place were more than one developer could upload new versions, but also a way for the developers to keep an updated list of new features. We hope this movement will help to make the Health Check… Read More »

Installing VMware Server on Fedora Core 6

1. Download and install Download the Fedora Core 6 CD or DVD image from If your computers hardware is i686 or i686 capable read this to to bypass a common bug in the Anaconda installer. Specify “linux i686” at the installation boot promt. Disable IPV6 in the Network Device Screen. It can be done manually… Read More »

SATA controllers that work with ESX 3.0.1

Here is a short list of SATA controleres that will work with ESX 3.01 LSI MegaRAID 150-4 LSI MegaRAID 150-6 Intel SRCS16 Adaptec 2610SA Adaptec 2410SA For more info take a look at VMwares system guide.

Service Unavailable – On a Windows 2003 SP1 server.

Today, after installing a VM with Windows 2003 ee, SP1 and IIS, I got ‘Service Unavailable’ when i tried to see it the webserver worked as planned. After quite a bit of googleing, I found a working solution. In Start -> Run type “dcomcnfg” Right Click “IIS Admin Service” under Component Services -> Computers -> My Computer… Read More »