Monthly Archives: March 2007

Error migrating a VM from ESX 2.5.4 to ESX 3.X

During an upgrade of an ESX 2.5.4 environment to ESX 3.0.1 I had a problem with one of the VM’s. Every time I tried to clone or migrate a specific VM I got the same error over and over.“Host does not support the virtual hardware version of the virtual machine”I realized that the VM originally was build… Read More »

The easiest way to update an ESX VI 3.x host!

Together with the danish VMware user forum, we have created at script that helps with the doll task of applying updates to an ESX VI 3.x host. Download each update from the VMware web site ( Unpack each TGZ file with WinZip or 7-Zip Copy all extracted updates to a folder reachable by the ESX VI… Read More »

List only directories

To list only the directories in a directory use the following: ls -v To only list the directories that starts with ESX use the following ls -v |grep “ESX”