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Friday, December 12, 2008

Copy to and run any file from your host to all VM’s in a single script

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Today i came across a post on Yellowbricks.com about the VIX API.

Duncan writes about how he was able to copy a file (vb script) from his labtop to all his VM’s in a single script, and then execute the script on all VM’s from the same script – and much much more.
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This got me thinking, the possebilities are endless 😉

  • Install MSI packages in your VM without the use of SMS.
  • Start/stop services based om a script or other thinks.
  • Copy a file to/from a VM to the host that executes the script – like config or log files.
  • etc….

The VIX API run not only on ESX but also on Workstation and Server versions.

So now i just have to find the time to get cracking on some code…..

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