Lost permissions to a folder in VC

By | December 5, 2008

Yesterday I by mistake added the VirtualCenter servers local Users group to a folder in VC with ReadOnly permissions.

This resulted in that I couldn’t delete or change any permissions on the folder.

To solve the problem do the following (On a MSSQL2000 – should be almost the same on MSSQL2005):

  • Open the SQL Server Enterprice Manager and browse to the VC_DB (or what you have called the VC database)
  • Locate the table VPX_ACCESS and right click it and choose Open Table -> Return all rows
  • In the buttom of the table you should be able to locate the wrong permissions entery – make a note of the ID.
    If you can’t find the user/group, you can browse the VPX_ENTITY table to locate ENTITY_ID you need.
  • Open the SQL Query Analyzer an choose the VC database
  • To delete the row that contains the wrong permissions run the below SQL code or modify it for you liking.
    To only delete row 221 from the table


    To delete all rows containing a specific user/group from the table

    DELETE FROM esx.VPX_ACCESS WHERE PRINCIPAL = 'your_user or group'

After you have deleted or updated all the permissions you need, you have to restart the VC server service before the changes will take effect.

All changes to the VC database should be avoided at all time.
Always make a backup of the database before making ANY changes to it.
All changes to the VC database using examples on this website is at your own risk.

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