First VMbook published

By | August 21, 2008

“This first VMware® VMbook focuses on Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery (BCDR) and is intended to guide the reader through the step-by-step process to set-up a multisite VMware Infrastructure that is capable of supporting BCDR services.

The VMbook will provide very valuable insight into the considerations and design principles for a multisite virtual infrastructure data center that leverages array based replication for the replication of VMFS datastores; which is one of the prerequisites for Site Recovery Manager 1.0. The VMbook authors suggest your customers leverage this VMbook as a reference even if they are planning to implement a Site Recovery Manager based BCDR solution day one, as the BCDR solution detailed in this VMbook provides design principle guidance for a successful multisite virtual infrastructure data center deployment which is the underpinnings for a successful SRM deployment.”

The VMbook is available for download from:

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