Yesterday we upgraded one of our vSphere Clusters to 4.1 – it went smoothly πŸ™‚

But today the users reported that they weren’t able to use cut % paste between the guest and their computer using the vSphere Client (Console).

After a quick google we found that VMware has tightened the vSphere security by disabling this feature. See VMware KB 1026437.

If you need the cut & paste functionality you can enable it again on the guest or host level.

For a single VM:

  • Using the vSpher Client logon to your vCenter server.
  • Poweroff the VM.
  • Edit the VM’s settings
  • Navigate to Options > Advanced > General
  • Click Configuration Parameters
  • Add the following rows, by using Add Row –  false  – false
  • Click OK twice to close the dialogs and save the changes.
  • PowerOn the VM

For all VM’s on a host ESX/ESXi

Must be done on all hosts, so you don’t loose the functionality when the VM is migrated to another host.

  • Open a SSH to the host ex. using Putty
  • Open /etc/vmware/config in your favorit editor .
  • Add these lines to the file"FALSE""FALSE"
  • Save and close the config file. Cut & Paste will work after a VM powerson, reboots or resume.