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Today a one of my customers encountered an error when trying to revert to an snapshot. They recived the following error: “error encountered trying to restore cpu state from file /vmfs/volumes/…./xxxxx.vmsn” After a bit of googleing if came up with the problem. The error occures when a VM with snapshots (taken when VM is PoweredOn) […]

To night I had problems with uninstalling VMware Tools in a VM after updating to the latest ESX release. The uninstaller kept asking me to insert the “VMWare Tools” disk and click OK”. In the popup window there is pull-down field labeled “Use Source” and in this field is the number one (“1”). If I […]

Right after lunch today I had a host (3.5 U3) crach with a kernel panic. It shouldn’t be a problem for clusters running HA, but on this cluster I had disabled HA bacause of an error and hadn’t had the time to depug :-(. So my VM’s couldn’t be started on a new host and […]