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Eric Siebert has writen a very good and explaining guide on how to troubleshoot snapshots on ESX 3.x. Virtualization administrators can use snapshots on VMware ESX to travel back in time and figure out what went wrong with their virtual machines (VMs). But what do you do when your snapshots start acting funny? In this […]

Dave.Mishchenko¬† has “reversed enginered” the RPM’s shipped on the ESX CD and created a list of all the SATA controller drivers that is shipped with ESX 3.x. You can see the entire list in the discussion http://communities.vmware.com/message/839577?tstart=0#839577 A. Mikkelsen

VCPaul has been so nice to share how he was able to create a bootable USB stick with the latest ESX 3i. You can read his post in the VMware Community at http://communities.vmware.com/message/825686 Or read it here: ——————————————————————————- Requirements: 1 GB USB flash drive WinImage IZArc Of course you can use your favourite tools and […]

The people at www.virtualization.info have put together a list of the new features in ESX 3.1.0. http://www.virtualization.info/2007/08/vmware-esx-server-31-virtualcenter-21.html The only thing now is when will it be released. A. Mikkelsen

After running my ESX test enviroment with a single core CPU and one harddrive, for about¬†two months, I desided that it was time to upgrade it. It was running a bit slow. Since my motherboard supported dualcore CPU’s I bought a Athlon 64 X2 4200+ for about $200,00. Also wanting to boost the disk IO […]

Here is a short list of SATA controleres that will work with ESX 3.01 LSI MegaRAID 150-4 LSI MegaRAID 150-6 Intel SRCS16 Adaptec 2610SA Adaptec 2410SA For more info take a look at VMwares system guide. http://www.vmware.com/pdf/vi3_systems_guide.pdf