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Today I had to create a script that creates lists of VMs, for each of the below statements: CD-ROM is ‘Connected’ CD-ROM set to ‘Connect at power on’ CD-ROM device type set to ‘Client Device’ CD-ROM device type set to ‘Datastore ISO file’ Floppy is ‘Connected’ Floppy set to ‘Connect at power on’ Floppy device […]

A fellow member in the Danish Usergroup has created a very simple backup script for ESX and ESXi using PowerShell and VCB. http://www.virtualize.dk I like that it’s small and simple. Keep up the good work….

2 years ago a VMUG user in Denmark created a Ubuntu VM that could graficily could show the develeoment of the amount of VM’s in a Cluster. Unfurtionally someone stole my labtop and the VM :-). So I had to create a new. And of cause it’s based on PowerShell ;-). The webpages shows the […]

Today i came across a post on Yellowbricks.com about the VIX API. Duncan writes about how he was able to copy a file (vb script) from his labtop to all his VM’s in a single script, and then execute the script on all VM’s from the same script – and much much more. Read more […]

Today I had to upgrade all our Jumphost VM’s from 256MB to 512MB of memory (more than 200 VM’s). There are two ways accomplice this. 1. Do it manually (Very time consuming) 2. Script it with PowerShell As the lazy person I am I decided that scripting was the way forward. The script I came […]

I have created at PowerShell script that obtains a list of VM’s that have snapshots attached. The output is then converted to a html file using the cmdlet ConvertTo-HTML. And just to make it easier to obtain the html file, the script mails the html file to me as an attachment. Ths script has been […]

The past few days I have been trying to learn the basic of PowerShell and the VIToolkit for Windows. And after playing around with it, I thought that the best way to learn PowerShell was to have a goal. And what better goal than converting the vcinfo script I created with VIPerlToolkit. A beta version […]

I was surfing around for new powershell scripts and came across an application for icomasoft that gives you the abbility to add and run your own PS scripts from Virtual Center. Thyis is just too cool. Check it out.

A Danish VSP instructor (Tommy) told me about a cool looking tool to deploy ESX hosts with a consistent standard. V-Ployment comes in two versions. A free version for deploying up to two servers. The free version is limited in features but gives you the basic. The full version offers a lot more features. This […]

www.vinternals.com has release a super cool looking tool (appliance) for automating the configuration of multi hosts. The appliance is called statelesx (pronounced “stateless”). Get more details on this super cool appliance at www.vinternals.com.