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Powershell/ESXCLI – EMC VPLEX changing multipathing policy

When connecting some storage systems to vSphere, vSphere sometime doesn’t select the most optimal multipathing policy. I came across the above problem when adding an EMC VPLEX storage system to a  large vSphere 4.1 installation. vSphere selected the Fixed path multipathing policy. In smaller environments this isn’t normally a problem , but when a Fixed policy is selected in… Read More »

Project Onyx 2.0 is released

September 15, 2010 VMware released version 2.0 of its Project Onya Alpha. You can download and read more about Project Onyx on the projects home page. This project is a must have for all PowerCLI geeks 🙂

Powershell – Configure NTP server list

If you want to configure a hosts NTP server list through PowerCLI you have a few cmdlet at your disposal. Get-VMHostNtpServer Remove-VMHostNtpServer Add-VMHostNtpServer Get-VMHostService Set-VMHostService Get-VmhostFirewallException Restart-VMHostService Get a list of NTP servers on a host. To remove a specific NTP server from a host NTP server list. To remove all NTP servers on a… Read More »

Playing with the vRanger 4.5 vAPI (Powershell :-))

Since Vizioncore came out with vRanger 4.x, last year, I been working on porting the VBS script “vRanger Script version 2.0” to Powershell. During this time I have found several bugs/missing functionality in the vAPI. Vizioncore have corrected the bugs with new releases of vRanger. The first vRanger version where all vAPI cmdlets worked in… Read More »

Smart and simple backup script with PowerCLI

A friend on the Danish VMUG pointed me towards this simple backup script, from The script creates a snapshot of a VM (from a CSV file) and creates a Thin Provisioned clone based on the snapshot, on a specified datastore (from the CSV file). This a smart and simple way to create a… Read More »