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Configure IBM Blades (running ESX) and Cisco switches for failover

By | September 29, 2010

Using IBM Blades and Cisco switches to run your ESX enviroment? If yes, have you tested what happens if you unplug the network cables going into one switch? If you like me have bundled 2 or more cables going from one switch, to one backbone switch and done the same for the other switch, then… Read More »

VMKUSAGE is back… Can you belive it…..

By | April 28, 2009

VMware have included the old and trustworthy performance monitor VMKUSAGE in VC 2.5 U4. This time the monotor has been added to VC as a plugin. To get access to the new plugin you have to follow this knowledge base article. If you like me upgraded your VC without stopping the Webaccess service first you… Read More »

Quick guide to tweak a VM for better performance

By | July 9, 2008

Today i came accoss this handy little guide to boost performance of a VM. Disable the pre-logon screensaver: Open Regedit HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop Change the value of “ScreenSaveActive” to 0. Disable updates of the last access time attribute for your NTFS filesystem, especially for i/o intensive vm’s this is a real boost: Open CMD fsutil behavior… Read More »