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Looking for a guide to upgrade your VMware ESX enviroment to ESX 3.5 and VC 2.5, then this guide from RTFM Education is a must read. http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/?p=482

RTFM Education has released a quick guide for ESXi Get it here http://www.rtfm-ed.co.uk/?p=476

Frane Borozan has created a automated script based on VMware Converter to take a physical server and make fresh replica of it on VMware Server. It is worth a look. http://www.p2vbackup.com A. Mikkelsen

Yellow-bricks.com has been so nice to update the smtp_send.pl script and host a copy of it. You can find the latest version on his website A. Mikkelsen

To change the network driver in a 32 Bit VM do the following: 1. From the VM download and extract the Intel e1000 network driver for your Windows 32 Bit OS here 2. Shut down the VM 3. If you wan’t to be damm sure your VM doesn’t crash make a Snapshot 4. Connect to […]

VCPaul has been so nice to share how he was able to create a bootable USB stick with the latest ESX 3i. You can read his post in the VMware Community at http://communities.vmware.com/message/825686 Or read it here: ——————————————————————————- Requirements: 1 GB USB flash drive WinImage IZArc Of course you can use your favourite tools and […]

If you are looking for Security White Papers for VMware products take a closer look at http://www.vmware.com/security/ A. Mikkelsen

Xtravirt.com has released a guide on how to configure shared storage on a Workstation 6 to use with ESX. http://www.xtravirt.com/index.php?option=com_remository&Itemid=75&func=startdown&id=16  Also read “How to run ESX 3.x on a Workstation 6” Again Nice job. A. Mikkelsen

If you ever wanted to setup a iSCSI target to test HA and DRS in your ESX enviroment, and coulden’t find a good easy to use guide. Look no further. Because sherold at vmguru.com has made it for you. http://www.vmguru.com/blogs/vmguru/archive/2006/10/12/925.aspx A. Mikkelsen

Here is a whitepaper on performance and configuration of Microsoft Exchange 2003 on ESX 3.0.x http://blogs.vmware.com/performance/2007/07/performance-and.html