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A few weeks ago I came across a podcast on http://get-scripting.blogspot.com about Powershell. I highly recommend that all people using powershell check it out. Get the latest and the archived podcasts at http://get-scripting.blogspot.com/search/label/podcast

Today I needed to create a list of all users connected to a vCenter sever through the Client. And during so I created a few variants 🙂 This creates a list of all usernames connected to the vCenter server through a vCenter Client. $svcRef = new-object VMware.Vim.ManagedObjectReference $svcRef.Type = “ServiceInstance” $svcRef.Value = “ServiceInstance” $serviceInstance = […]

Playing with PowerCLI


Last week I attended a Magirus course on administrating you VMware environment using PowerCLI, and below is some of the small scripts I created. These code sniplets will help you manage your VMware environment and give you some ideas of how powerful the VMware PowerCLI really is. I’m sure VMware will add even more CMDLETS […]

Project Onyx Alpha Release

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Finally everyone outside the closed beta is now able to get hands on with the cool application Project Onyx. Thanks to Carter Shanklin Project overview – Got it from http://www.ntpro.nl/blog/archives/1330-Project-Onyx-Alpha-Release.html Onyx is a standalone application that serves as a proxy between the vSphere Client and the vCenter Server. It monitors the network communication between them […]

This PowerShell script adds a host to a Cluster and licenses it. Add-PSSnapin VMware.VimAutomation.Core Connect-VIServer “VC_server_name” -User “Administrator” -Password “password” add-vmhost “esxhost” -location (get-datacenter -name ‘Datacenter’ | get-folder -name ‘Folder’ | get-cluster -name ‘Cluster’) -user “root” -password “password” -force: $true $targethostMoRef = (get-VMHost $strHost  | get-view).MoRef $si = Get-View ServiceInstance $LicManRef=$si.Content.LicenseManager $LicManView=Get-View $LicManRef $licassman = […]

VMware have released a demo on YouTube that shows a “must have” for PowerShell users who automate and manage vSphere and vCenter through PowerShell. The project is named “Onyx” and works like a middelware between the vCenter Client and the vCenter Server. Onyx is unfortunately still in a private beta and therefore not acceble to […]

http://communities.vmware.com/message/1286580#1286580 http://www.ivobeerens.nl/?p=256 http://www.configuresoft.com/esx-compliance-checker.aspx http://www.vmware.com/support/developer/vima/ http://www.run-virtual.com/?p=233 (VMware CPU Host Info) http://teckinfo.blogspot.com/2009/01/vdiagram-document-your-vi-with-one.html (vDiagram)

Today I had to create a script that creates lists of VMs, for each of the below statements: CD-ROM is ‘Connected’ CD-ROM set to ‘Connect at power on’ CD-ROM device type set to ‘Client Device’ CD-ROM device type set to ‘Datastore ISO file’ Floppy is ‘Connected’ Floppy set to ‘Connect at power on’ Floppy device […]

A fellow member in the Danish Usergroup has created a very simple backup script for ESX and ESXi using PowerShell and VCB. http://www.virtualize.dk I like that it’s small and simple. Keep up the good work….

2 years ago a VMUG user in Denmark created a Ubuntu VM that could graficily could show the develeoment of the amount of VM’s in a Cluster. Unfurtionally someone stole my labtop and the VM :-). So I had to create a new. And of cause it’s based on PowerShell ;-). The webpages shows the […]