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VMware has released a video comparing the two installations. The video is worth watching http://www.vmware.com/technology/whyvmware/resources/esxi-hyper-v-installation.html

A few weeks ago we were conducting a vRanger DR test of a VM (new host and new LUN). The VM was restored succesfull, but when we powered it on we discovered that it for some unexplaned reason had lost the SCSI0:1 (100GB) and SCSI0:2(300GB) VMDK’s. It had created two new 20GB VMDK’s instead. We […]

The past few days I have been trying to learn the basic of PowerShell and the VIToolkit for Windows. And after playing around with it, I thought that the best way to learn PowerShell was to have a goal. And what better goal than converting the vcinfo script I created with VIPerlToolkit. A beta version […]

This isn’t new! But what is new, is that it’s now possible to run VM’s inside the hosts. The performance isn’t the best, but it’s OK for testing. Read the full article here.

www.vinternals.com has release a super cool looking tool (appliance) for automating the configuration of multi hosts. The appliance is called statelesx (pronounced “stateless”). Get more details on this super cool appliance at www.vinternals.com.

Dominic Rivera has documented a undocumented feature of VirtualCenter. A very useful, yet very undocumented feature of the Virtual Infrastructure Client is that it can be configured to automatically pass your Active Directory credentials without you typing them in. To use: create a shortcut to the Virtual Infrastructure Client, then right-click on it and edit […]

Today i came accoss this handy little guide to boost performance of a VM. Disable the pre-logon screensaver: Open Regedit HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop Change the value of “ScreenSaveActive” to 0. Disable updates of the last access time attribute for your NTFS filesystem, especially for i/o intensive vm’s this is a real boost: Open CMD fsutil behavior […]

TripWire is here…. Came accross this cool free tool to check your ESX 3.5 enviroment security against VMware hardening guide. ——————————– Tripwire® ConfigCheckTM is a free utility that rapidly assesses the security of VMware ESX 3.5 hypervisor configurations compared to the VMware Infrastructure 3 Security Hardening guidelines. Developed by Tripwire in cooperation with VMware, Tripwire […]

Ever wanted to see how many DRS VMotion your ESX enviroment is generating? Using the following query you can extract the requried information from the VC database. SELECT vpx_event.event_type, vpx_event.vm_name, vpx_event.create_time from vpx_event where event_type like ‘%migrate%’ (Thanks to: Dave.Mishchenko http://communities.vmware.com/message/969563) Also see http://www.gabesvirtualworld.com/?p=69 for an idear to what you can do with the information […]

Eric Siebert has writen a very good and explaining guide on how to troubleshoot snapshots on ESX 3.x. Virtualization administrators can use snapshots on VMware ESX to travel back in time and figure out what went wrong with their virtual machines (VMs). But what do you do when your snapshots start acting funny? In this […]