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Simon Long has posted a great test exam for the VCP410 exam. I used it to study for mine. http://www.simonlong.co.uk/blog/vcp-vsphere-4-practice-exam/ Also take a look at Somins study notes. http://www.simonlong.co.uk/blog/vcdx-study-notes/ Another great and very usefull help is to use and memorize the vReference Card. http://www.vreference.com/ Thanks to VCP for the below study sites http://www.passguide.com/vcp-410.html http://www.vcp-410.com And not […]

Passed VCP410


Yesterday I passed the VCP401 exam with 375 points. I feel that the exam was harder than the old exam (VCP310). Think VMware has realized this and dropped the target for VCI from 400 to 350 points.