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Yesterday we released version 49 of the ESXHealthScript.

Kenneth Mazie. (kcmazie aka. kcmjr) has done a huge job in updating and adding new features to the script.

  • Added automatic detection for ESX 3 or ESX 4
  • Added corrections for changes with ESX4
  • Added Cisco CDP info listing (from user Carson)
  • Added corrections to v4 tomcat server

To read more about the ESXHealthScript please visit the project web site.

If you are using the script, and have ideas for new features/functions, please let us know on the projects website or even better post the needed code 🙂





http://www.run-virtual.com/?p=233 (VMware CPU Host Info)

http://teckinfo.blogspot.com/2009/01/vdiagram-document-your-vi-with-one.html (vDiagram)

After almost 2 years of silence a new version of the ESXHealthScript has surfaced.

Version 0.30 is released.

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