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Ever wondered it you ESX servers are hardened enough

Have you ever needed to document how secure your ESX servers are. If the answer is yes then take a look at these free fools (Compliance Checkers) from If the answer is no I would sugest you took a look at the tools anyway…… Compliance Checker for VMware ESX, checks the compliance of… Read More »

A must have for anyone using PowerShell to control VMware

VMware have released a demo on YouTube that shows a “must have” for PowerShell users who automate and manage vSphere and vCenter through PowerShell. The project is named “Onyx” and works like a middelware between the vCenter Client and the vCenter Server. Onyx is unfortunately still in a private beta and therefore not acceble to… Read More »

List of free VMware tools has released a list of free tools and scriptrs for your VMware enviroment. The list will be updated with new tools and scripts when ever new are found … Read the list here.

Powershell : List VMs with CD-ROM, Floppy, Seriel Ports and Parallel Ports

Today I had to create a script that creates lists of VMs, for each of the below statements: CD-ROM is ‘Connected’ CD-ROM set to ‘Connect at power on’ CD-ROM device type set to ‘Client Device’ CD-ROM device type set to ‘Datastore ISO file’ Floppy is ‘Connected’ Floppy set to ‘Connect at power on’ Floppy device… Read More »