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View client “To Go”

Ever wanted to turn any PC into a View client? Then take a look at this webbased View Client ISO creator – TinyCore Builder for VMware View ( Create ISO Burn ISO If you want to boot from USB, I have great success using UNetbootin (, to convert ISO images to USB. A. Mikkelsen

Powershell/ESXCLI – EMC VPLEX changing multipathing policy

When connecting some storage systems to vSphere, vSphere sometime doesn’t select the most optimal multipathing policy. I came across the above problem when adding an EMC VPLEX storage system to a  large vSphere 4.1 installation. vSphere selected the Fixed path multipathing policy. In smaller environments this isn’t normally a problem , but when a Fixed policy is selected in… Read More »

VMware releases vSphere 4.1 hardening guide

In April VMware released their hardening guide for vSphere 4.1 ( , now the have also released a free tool to check your vSphere installations against their hardening guidelines. The tool is called “VMware Compliance Checker for vSphere” –

A must have

For all us VMware fan boys/girls this toolbar is a must… Download it from

ESXHealthScript release 49

Yesterday we released version 49 of the ESXHealthScript. Kenneth Mazie. (kcmazie aka. kcmjr) has done a huge job in updating and adding new features to the script. Added automatic detection for ESX 3 or ESX 4 Added corrections for changes with ESX4 Added Cisco CDP info listing (from user Carson) Added corrections to v4 tomcat… Read More »

IBM/Lenovo Bios update/Embedded Controller with dead/no battery

Below solution is on you own risk. Download the Bios/Embedded Controller from IBM/Lenovo (Diskette version) Rename the file UPDTFLSH.EXE to UPDTFLSH.EXE.OLD Create a copy of QKFLASH:EXE and rename it to UPDTFLSH.EXE Boot the labtop from the diskette Follow normal procedure for updating BIOS/Embedded Controller DON’T TURN OFF THE PC OR REMOVE POWER When the BIOS/Embedded… Read More »

Free virtualization fools

David Davis has put together a list of what he thinks is some of the best free virtualization tools avaiable. VMware vSphere ESXi Free Edition and VMware Go VMware vMA, vCLI (or command-line interface), PowerCLI, and scripts from the vGhetto script repository such as vSphereHealthCheck Veeam Monitor (free edition), FastSCP, and Business View Vizioncore Wastefinder,… Read More »