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VMware have included the old and trustworthy performance monitor VMKUSAGE in VC 2.5 U4. This time the monotor has been added to VC as a plugin. To get access to the new plugin you have to follow this knowledge base article. If you like me upgraded your VC without stopping the Webaccess service first you […]

To night I had problems with uninstalling VMware Tools in a VM after updating to the latest ESX release. The uninstaller kept asking me to insert the “VMWare Tools” disk and click OK”. In the popup window there is pull-down field labeled “Use Source” and in this field is the number one (“1”). If I […]

After we have allowed Windows 2008 Servers in our VMware VI enviroment, we been having problems sysprepping Windows 2008 Server. So here is a quick guide to sysprep a Windows 2008 server in a VMware VI enviroment. (Use this workaround until VMware VI allows you run sysprep against a WIN2008 Server) Change the source or […]

The past few days I have been trying to learn the basic of PowerShell and the VIToolkit for Windows. And after playing around with it, I thought that the best way to learn PowerShell was to have a goal. And what better goal than converting the vcinfo script I created with VIPerlToolkit. A beta version […]

I was surfing around for new powershell scripts and came across an application for icomasoft that gives you the abbility to add and run your own PS scripts from Virtual Center. Thyis is just too cool. Check it out.

This isn’t new! But what is new, is that it’s now possible to run VM’s inside the hosts. The performance isn’t the best, but it’s OK for testing. Read the full article here.

Today I came a cross 2 possible solutions for upgrading the VMware Tools for Linux guests. One soultion is using a custom scripts in the guest to upgrade the tools. The second solution describes how to use Virtual Center to upgrade the tools. The article also describes some of the advanced options parameters you can […]

www.vinternals.com has release a super cool looking tool (appliance) for automating the configuration of multi hosts. The appliance is called statelesx (pronounced “stateless”). Get more details on this super cool appliance at www.vinternals.com.

Dominic Rivera has documented a undocumented feature of VirtualCenter. A very useful, yet very undocumented feature of the Virtual Infrastructure Client is that it can be configured to automatically pass your Active Directory credentials without you typing them in. To use: create a shortcut to the Virtual Infrastructure Client, then right-click on it and edit […]

Today i came accross this guide on howto move the Virtual Center database from one MSSQL server to another. Read the full guide here.. I know that this guide will be usefull when i next week have to do just that. Read my local copy here