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vSphere Client 4.1 error…

After I upgraded vSphere vCenter & Client to 4.1 258902, I been getting an error in the vSphere Client. A internal error occured in the vSphere Client. Details: Object reference not set to an instant object. The solution is provided by VMware. It’s just replacing a DLL file 🙂 The error is only with… Read More »

Powershell – List all vCenter client sessions & disconnect if inactive

Today I needed to create a list of all users connected to a vCenter sever through the Client. And during so I created a few variants 🙂 This creates a list of all usernames connected to the vCenter server through a vCenter Client. $svcRef = new-object VMware.Vim.ManagedObjectReference $svcRef.Type = “ServiceInstance” $svcRef.Value = “ServiceInstance” $serviceInstance =… Read More »

32-bit ODBC DSN required for vSphere running on 64-bit OS and MSSQL

Last week I upgraded a Virtual Center server from Win2003 & MSSQL 2000 (32-bit) to Win2008 & MSSQL 2005 (64-bit). During the installation of vCenter it asked for a 32-bit ODBC even though all the new systems was running 64-bit. After a some time on Google i found that Windows 64-bit also includes a 32-bit… Read More »

A must have for anyone using PowerShell to control VMware

VMware have released a demo on YouTube that shows a “must have” for PowerShell users who automate and manage vSphere and vCenter through PowerShell. The project is named “Onyx” and works like a middelware between the vCenter Client and the vCenter Server. Onyx is unfortunately still in a private beta and therefore not acceble to… Read More »

Top 10 of new VMware products in 2009 has released their Top 10 pick from VMware to tryout in 2009. Read it. Fault Tolerance (FT) VMsafe vNetvork Distributed Switch and Cisco Nexus 1000v virtual switch vCenter CapacityIQ vCenter Data Revovery vCenter ConfigControl vCenter Orchestrator vCenter Chargeback vCenter AppSpeed vShield Zones