View client “To Go”

Ever wanted to turn any PC into a View client? Then take a look at this webbased View Client ISO creator – TinyCore Builder for VMware View ( Create ISO Burn ISO If you want to boot from USB, I have great success using UNetbootin (, to convert ISO images to USB. A. Mikkelsen

Powershell/ESXCLI – EMC VPLEX changing multipathing policy

When connecting some storage systems to vSphere, vSphere sometime doesn’t select the most optimal multipathing policy. I came across the above problem when adding an EMC VPLEX storage system to a  large vSphere 4.1 installation. vSphere selected the Fixed path multipathing policy. In smaller environments this isn’t normally a problem , but when a Fixed policy is selected in… Read More »

VMware Chargeback: Change MSSQL database IP and/or port

Yesterday I was supposed to receive last months billing reports from our vCloud Director environment. But for some reason this didn’t happen 🙁 I tried to logon to the VCCB web front end, but that wasn’t possible – the page just timed out. Then I checked the VCCB  services and all was running. Just to be sure… Read More »

VMware releases vSphere 4.1 hardening guide

In April VMware released their hardening guide for vSphere 4.1 ( , now the have also released a free tool to check your vSphere installations against their hardening guidelines. The tool is called “VMware Compliance Checker for vSphere” –

vSphere Client 4.1 error…

After I upgraded vSphere vCenter & Client to 4.1 258902, I been getting an error in the vSphere Client. A internal error occured in the vSphere Client. Details: Object reference not set to an instant object. The solution is provided by VMware. It’s just replacing a DLL file 🙂 The error is only with… Read More »

Sorry for my absence

Hey all, Just to let you know that I haven’t forgotten about you, but the last 6 months has been hectic. In October I changed job from Logica to NNIT. The change has meant that I haven’t had much the time to blog. This is no excuse, but now I’m back J Over the next… Read More »